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Cecilia Turpentine
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i really like Bambi, he's the best. seriously.

i'm cecilia, i like birdflesh, pg99, elliott smith, pig destroyer, lower class brats, oxymoron, the smiths, bikni kill, hole, thecurecurecure, g.b.h, crass, new york dolls, agoraphoric nosebleed, dahmer, ashlee simpson, kelly clarkson, e c fucking t. asicp7t235. i lovelovelove requiem for a dream. i smokee marlboro red100's :), i think homophobia is fuckinglameshit. uh, i love jacoby and my favorite colour is green, oh, and i like music that comes off the movies. ohohoh i love coffee too. omgomg. i lovelovelovelovedotdotlovelove courtney love. oh my god, she seriously. is. like. there is no word to explain her greatness, d00d she's so fucking hot.